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Macaroni Snacks

June 10, 2011

Bugs in A Bag

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June 21st marks the first day of Summer and we all know that the longer children are at home, the more likely they are to snack. One way to reign in the constant snacking is to establish two different "Snack Times" (maybe 10am and 3pm) in your home. Once the snack schedule is established, it is important to stick to it, this way you won’t find yourself in the kitchen six to seven times (before lunch!) to fill yet another request. Also, keeping easy to eat, no-prep snack items around such as apples or baby carrots is a great idea; kids can grab their easy snack any time and without your help.

Bugs in a Bag is a fun snack on-the-go idea...and it’s a great way for kids to have fun with dried fruit!

1 package of graham crackers
bowl of raisins
bowl of dried cranberries
bowl of dark chocolate chips
4 Ziploc bags
large spoon

Place graham crackers in large bowl and crush with spoon until you get a sand-like consistency. Fill four Ziploc bags equally with the mixture. Add equal amounts of raisins, dried cranberries and dark chocolate chips into each bag. Have your little ones dig for “bugs”. Perhaps they will find “ladybugs” (cranberries), “ants” (raisins) or even “beetles” (chocolate chips); be creative! Bugs in a Bag is a silly way to enjoy a fabulous on-the-go snack.

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